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October 21, 2016, 9:45 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Jason Flower and Grant Application Testimonial

Mr. Flower has worked for my drama program at Cawthra Park S.S. for two years offering support to movement units and the further investigation of developing the actor’s instrument. This support evolved from providing a combination of drumming and singing to the introduction of more advanced theatre training exercises. His work has been superb and he shall be invited back again this year.

Jason brings together a wide body of experiences in music, First Nations culture, movement, story-telling, clown, film and video and theatrical performance. This is clearly a true multi-media approach to working with the youth in our grade 12 drama program. He is a strong facilitator and we worked extremely well together addressing the individual needs of my students. The ultimate goal of which is to deepen and enrich the students’ ability to bring performance skills together with self-expression.  

Jason is a highly effective improvisationalist that encouraged students to be “in the moment” with exercises and experiences; dealing with the judgement issues that many bring to this style of work. He was able to allow the students to find their way into an area of self-expression while leaving the constant negative signalling in their brains a distant memory. As a result, students accept each other’s work in a safe and fun environment. Jason accomplished this by dove-tailing the art of improvisation with his many other theatrical and non-theatrical experiences. 

The students enjoyed having Jason work with them in a close environment for up to four weeks at a time. Comments include:
    •    His voice and musical accompaniment allowed for a deeper experience with the neutral mask unit
    •    He’s a great listerener
    •    The diaphragm exercise was so good that I used it to warm up before performances in the spring play. It really helped me let go and be more present.
    •    Can he come back for the next unit?
    •    Jason was really helpful and I enjoyed the clown exercises he led us through

The students enjoyed his ability to be professional but also open, frank and fun. Jason always stayed after the workshops or gave up his lunch to talk with participants and answer their questions or offer suggestions on the next stage of their development. I would strong recommend Jason Flower as a creative facilitator who has carved out a unique niche of performance/personal development through the art of story-telling. His multi-media approach serves his clients well and is able to find the right mode of expression for the individual, as opposed to imposing one or two structures on them. I enjoyed working with Jason Flower because I found him flexible, thorough and professional while making everything about the students’ experiences.

Randolph Swyer

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