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October 21, 2016, 9:41 pm

 The work/play shops that I share with people involve the expressions of movement, voice and clown/play. The duration of these offerings can vary and be adjusted to accommodate any needs. There is an introductory 1 hour voice centered workshop, a 3 hour ongoing multi-disciplined weekly workshop, or a full day/weekend intensive.
  All of these types of workshops can be custom designed for any groups’ needs, and would depend on facilities available ie: proper floor for dance, sound systems, and budgets.
  The common thread or themes within each work/playshop is that of improvisation and self-discovery. Through improvisation using voice/dance/clown elements, we will venture into our ‘personal unknown territories’, learn from the beauty of making mistakes, the joy of free expression, and the peace that comes from inward looking.

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